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Physical Characteristics
Half Life: 10.53 years 
Major Radiation: Gamma, 356 kev 
Form and Concentration
Chemical Form: Barium Chloride (1.0 M Hcl) 
Radioactivity Concentration: 6.4 mCi/ml
(More dilute concentrations are available upon request.)
Specific Activity: 1.6 Ci/gm of Ba 
Radionuclidic Purity: > or = 99.99% Ba133; Cs134 < or = .01% 
Packaging, Shipping, Pricing
Calibration: Day of shipment 
Shipment Time: Within 1 day of receipt of customer order 
Shipment Availability: Daily, Mon – Fri 
Packaging: Prepackaged in 2 ml ‘V’ type vials
(Custom packaging can be made available depending upon customer requirements) 
Pricing: Per Milicurie