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Physical Characteristics
Half Life: 5.27 years 
Physical Form: nickle plated 1 mm x 1 mm pellets 
Form and Concentration
Chemical Form: Physical Form: Nickle Plated 1mm x 1mm pellets 
Specific Activity: 250 to 300 Ci/g
(Higher or lower specific activity may be available depending upon order quantities) 
Radiochemical Purity: >99% Cobalt Metal 
Packaging, Shipping, Pricing
Calibration: 12:00 noon MST on date of shipment 
Shipment Availability: Quarterly 
Packaging: Per Customer Provided Type B(u) Package
(Up to 6000 curies can be shipped in special form in an I3 container for use within the U.S. Additional cask usage charges will be applied.) 
Pricing: Per Curie